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A B O U T  M E

There are a million different ways to tell a story. It’s my goal as an artist to find the best way to tell them. I aspire to create art that is immersive, pushing the boundaries of media design using new or unusual techniques to bring out the best aspects of every story. I want to provide an escape from reality for my guests, if only for a brief moment of their lives. I try to avoid predictable cliches and want my audience to wonder “How did they do that!?” no matter how many times they see my work. I do this using a combination of techniques with film, graphic design, and theater skills that I’ve learned throughout my years.

I thrive in collaborative environments, developing new skills surrounded by other artists and mentors who want to continuously learn just as much as I do. I’ve been incredibly blessed to have a career working on projects as small as a local TV spot to nighttime spectaculars in China. I’ve tried to be involved in different roles, from production assistant to video editor, from a stagehand to a stage manager, learning new skills that help me understand the roles of the people I collaborate with on other projects.

The world is rapidly evolving, continuously giving us new stories and new ways to tell them with ever-changing technologies. I want to learn how to hone my imaginative skills and bring parade floats, firework shows, concerts, and even an Olympic opening ceremony to life. Performance art is constantly on my mind, whether I’m choreographing dance numbers to songs on the radio or staring at the booth at a show. I just can’t wait for the day that I get to stand in front of a room full of colleagues and say, “Let’s tell a story together.”

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